Zobrazit normální verzi : CZ75-Auto for Zradce Tym

30-10-17, 13:55
Hello and today i will present this guy Česka Zbrojovka (CZ) Model 75 Auto

-Themes of this thread
-Why to implement it?
-Why Team Zradce?
-Other things

1.Why to implement it?
1.1 Team Zradce is all about eliminating Nevinny a Detektiv team fast,so they need to crafty and they need to have good cover.If 2 Players from team choose to buy Knives nebo newton they are going to put it for some good use.CZ75Auto is same like AWP.Its damage depends on your karma and it need to be put for good use.
1.2 Team Zradce Has got : USP or Makarov .45ACP Which is good stealth weapon to take out some targets.
AWP : Tactical weapon which depends on your karma.Good use if 2 players shoot same target twice and if they have 700+ karma they are going to kill him - Zaludek,Hlava
Knife : Hand held or throwable very usable weapon can be good if u are on move with one nevinny or detektiv u can throw and be accurate,most of the times throwing nuž will insta. kill the enemy
Newton : VERY DANGEROUS Weapon.Can kill both enemies and allies.Put it for good use.
DStation: Tactical weapon which can be deadly if u place it without players knowledge
1.3 CZ will fit becouse Team Zradce needs some fast "cleaning" weapon like :
Me a another zradce get in the room with 2 Players.We pull CZ75 And we clean them easily.
1.4 CZ would be loud weapon.Why?Becouse it uses 9mm Luger round which is very loud and CZ is also "Lil' AK47"

2. Why this weapon? This weapon is very versatile.Need to be put on good use so it can be actually "healthy" for team Team Z
2.1 This weapon features few skins which csko.cz will choose if they put this weapon on the server:
Skins are :
-Victoria : https://imgur.com/a/BVVm0
-Red Astor : https://imgur.com/a/UdxlQ
-Yellow Jacket : https://imgur.com/a/A6T9A
-Imprint : https://imgur.com/a/cjQg7
-Chalice : https://imgur.com/a/eRcCS
-Pole Position : https://imgur.com/a/fY90U
-Tigris : https://imgur.com/a/6IydT

If this weapon would be implemented i would make a voting and which skin gets most voted gets inside server

2.2 CZ Things
-Addons and other things : https://www.mediafire.com/file/mr6n80f5848dbfn/csgo_cz75_jet.rar

Thanks for reading this thread this would enhance our TTT Game. Enjoy your game. Sincerely by Jet