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Téma: Dust2 only -> Wallhack

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    Dust2 only -> Wallhack

    Hi guys, I was alway suspecting this "Gamer": SEQUENCEOFIGNORANSUICIDALYRICS in using the wallhack. And now I was not to lazy to make a demo....


    21:00 Watching trough wall if somebody is in catacombs ( may be the coincidence, but why would a experienced player do this?)
    21:10 the same
    21:15 killing spectacle trough the wall, exactly knowing where he is. The whole situation at the B Spot is suspicious.
    21:32 Last time he has sdeen a CT, the CT was at the base, but here he exactly knows where he is and aim before he cat see him (1/4 speed).
    22:20 turning 180° to see if someone is middle.
    22:25 May be the coincidence he is waiting for the CT at the A Spot.
    22:33 He already knows the CT will appear there.
    22:58 Checking if someone is at the CT base?
    25:16 Weird, he is watching this direction even another CS came trought catacombs. But there I'm not sure, maybe he just want to double check there is nobody.
    22:55 What a lucky boy, seccond hit trough the wall within two mitutes of game play.

    And I'm not talking about other situations in this demo, like his super fast reaction and also prediction where the opponent, bonnyhop, throwing his weapons sometimes when no opponent can appear, but being very carefull if one is behind the wall and it's unpossible he could hear it.

    I'm expirienced enough to see this guy is not clear. I'm 99.99% sure. I hope you can see it too, maybe some hltv demo would also be usefull.....
    Would be nice if more than one admin would tell his opinion here, before the case becomes closed.....

    Best Regards


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    Odpověď: de_dust onyl -> Wallhack


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    Odpověď: [ demo k posouzení ] Dust2 only -> Wallhack

    - S úsměvem dojdeš daleko, ale ještě dál dojdeš s úsměvem a se zbraní.
    - Namířenou pistolí a laskavým slovem dosáhnete mnohem víc než jen laskavým slovem.
    ... A nakonec ten, pro koho jsi byl ochotný schytat kulku, bude držet zbraň.

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    Odpověď: [ demo k posouzení ] Dust2 only -> Wallhack


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    Re: [ demo k posouzení ] Dust2 only -> Wallhack

    Evidence is insufficient.

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