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Lists in term paper - how to arrange them correctly

Often, even a good term paper or a settlement and explanatory note to a course project is difficult to read due to an incorrectly compiled list of used literature. As if the performer decided for himself that the main thing has already been done, and the list will somehow be added.

Why you need to properly format lists in the course

Let's start with the fact that methodology namely, they must be guided by drawing up a term paper) allows in certain cases to do without lists at all. This is clearly confirmed by section 4 of this standard, where the "List of used sources" (this is the only way to officially name the list of references) is not among the mandatory sections.

It is believed that if up to five different literary sources are used in the work, then their list can not be compiled. Quoting is done immediately after the end of the corresponding sentence in the text, using square brackets. For instance:

“In the calculations, the names of physical constants were used, which are given in […]”.

However, this rarely occurs in a serious document. At the same time, an illiterately compiled list of literary sources will not only make it difficult for the head of the course project to work with the text, but also complicate its further categorization if the performer intends to enter a master's or graduate school over time: publications are indispensable there.

Lists for coursework: definition, types

How to make a list of references in the course?

Methodology provides for the gradation of types of literary sources according to the following criteria (the order of arrangement is exactly the same!):

collective literary sources (collections, almanacs, textbooks);
printed articles, published abstracts;
electronic publications;
unpublished and handwritten materials.
The correct design of lists in the course paper and the definition of a literary source makes it easy to identify it in library catalogs, and for electronic publications - quickly identify it on the appropriate sites.

How to distinguish between types of publications?

A monograph is characterized by the presence of the author's name on the title page of the book. In collective sources, this is also possible, but only when the team of authors does not exceed five people. In other cases, their names are not placed on the title, but are located on the third page of the book. The same applies to literary sources with collective authorship, which are united by common editing by one specialist/scholar. Electronic publications begin with the name of the site, which is in the search bar of the system, and are given in the form as they are published on the page. Other materials are indicated at the end of the list and are named as indicated by the author or authors. At the end of the title, the word "Manuscript" must be indicated in square brackets.



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