Server rules - what's forbidden + punishments for rules breaking.

  1. It's forbidden to use cheats or advertise them (aim or vision assistance and others) - permanent ban
  2. It's forbidden to tell others positions of players through a third-party communication software - it can be considered as wallhack.
  3. It's forbidden to insult, pester or anyhow embarrass other players - kick/ban
  4. It's forbidden to advertise other servers or websites and spam/flood the chat - kick/ban
  5. It's forbidden to camp on spawn or with a bomb (CT can camp, when it isn't planted, T can camp only after plant) - slap/slay/kick/ban
  6. It's forbidden to not perform a level task (not planting the bomb, not rescuing hostages etc.)- slay/kick/ban
  7. It's forbidden to wittingly kill hostages - ban
  8. It's forbidden to pretend to be an administrator - ban
  9. It's forbidden to wittingly block other players - slay/kick/ban
  10. It's forbidden to wittingly blind your teammates with flash grenades - slay/kick/ban
  11. It's forbidden to walk 'on' the sky (bug).
  12. It's forbidden to wittingly not kill your enemies (nonkilling agreement) - kick/ban
  13. It's forbidden to copy a nick or clan tag - ban
  14. It's forbidden to use scripts and bugs providing advantages (flash bug, silent-plant, etc.) - ban
  15. It's forbidden to have developer or fps_override cvar turned on on jump, knife and furien servers (an exception is surf servers).

Insults against administrators are not tolerated. Any provocation can lead to extreme punishment.

It's forbidden to use vulgar, offensive, sexually-orientated or anyhow morally abusive expressions on our servers, website, forum or other communication applications. It's also forbidden to use discriminating, abusive or racist nicknames or names of people or groups known for their crimes against humanity.

This is a list of the most common dumb things people do on servers. Rules are there for people that want to play normally.